btx|board is a coloured, extremely lightweight micro-concrete panel that can be easily adapted to a large variety of applications. Specifically developed by EDFAN as a decorative coating, the btx|board panel allows obtaining products such as bath and kitchen counters/countertops or sinks/washbasins, the fabrication of furniture in general, decorative panels for ceilings and façades, or developing of specific works, thus adapting to the aesthetic and technical requirements of each project. Its superficial streaks translate into a unique and unrepeatable product, of supreme quality and highly aesthetic level. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, at houses, stores, hotels, bars and restaurants, among other.


- Lightweight cement aesthetic characteristics thanks to the thin thickness of the panels (13 mm), facilitating the movement of the furniture.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Will not discolour if exposed to UV rays.
- Great mechanical strength.
- Easy workability with standard tools for wood or marble works.
- Large-sized panels.
- 12 different colours.
- Multiple uses.
- It matches with other materials.

The composition of the cement and quartz-based btx|board panels generates a product of great hardness and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for all kinds of surfaces. btx|board panels are distinguished by their functionality and durability.

btx|board panels are delivered in the following sizes (please send us your query for over-standard sizes).


Length: 2.70 m
Width: 1.40 m
Thickness: 13 mm;

Color Chart

btx|board is available in a broad colour palette. There are 12 basic colours.
It allows the combination of colours, textures, embedding of decorative elements, patterns and the combination of BETROX with other materials, such as metal, wood, stone or glass.

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