MicroBeton is a thin, continuous, smooth cement with colour (2–3mm). It is ideal for environments where one is looking for a MicroCement finish, but with more hardness, such as shops, restaurants and exteriors. It is applicable on all types of hard surfaces. Just like MicroCement, it can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, worktops and furniture, both interior and exterior. It does not require gaskets, so continuous vertical and horizontal surfaces can be achieved.

Renovate your home or workspace without construction work! One of the biggest advantages of MicroBeton is that it can be applied over existing surfaces such as ceramics, mosaics, marble and tiles. It allows you, in no time at all, to renovate space without suffering from the disruption, dirt, and cost of traditional construction work.
It has more slip resistance than MicroCement and a superior smooth cement finish.

• Applicable on ceramic, porcelain, marble, mosaics and tiles (without the need to break)
• It has a similar look to smooth concrete, but with the advantage of thin coating.
• Suitable for places with high traffic
• Bathrooms, kitchens, and all rooms in the house
• Commercial and industrial applications such as restaurants, office and retail spaces
• Allows for in-sight concrete renovation

• Coloured micro topping of 2–3 mm thick, designed to be used in multiple thin coat applications, with a concrete appearance
• Recommended for refurbishing commercial and exterior substrates
• No joints required – MicroBeton allows continuous surfaces to be achieved
• Can be applied to interior floors with underfloor heating systems
• Extraordinary adhesive properties and with the correct surface preparation, it will bond to almost all solid substrates including concrete, ceramics, marble, mosaics, tiles, steel, plaster and wood
• MicroBeton flooring system can be finished with a soft texture to give a non-slip finish.
• Ideal for the refurbishing old concrete, tiles, plaster among others. It can also be used as a specialist finish for new construction
• One of our most versatile refurbishing systems which can be used vertically and horizontally in continuity.;

Color Chart

MicroBeton can be manufactured in 20 standard and 14 special colours - as illustrated in our palette below.
In addition, bespoke colours can be created on request.
(Please note that the palette is for guidance only and does not accurately represent exact shade and tone).

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