NeoBeton is a mosaic or granitic with cement, quartz and resin-based mono layer, 4 mm thick, made bespoke on site.

Its most common uses are for highly resistant decorative flooring and polished finishes. It is a combined system of PieDrex + MicroBeton.

It is recommended for commercial premises such as shopping malls, office blocks, hotel lobbies and other high traffic spaces.

• For floors and countertops; both indoors and outdoors
• Recommended for commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, banks, small industries, airports, bus terminals, government or public administration buildings, etc.
• Applicable on smoothed concrete, cement and ceramic coverings.

• The NeoBeton floor is the natural alternative to tile or granite floors
• Due to its resistance, it is a very good alternative to MicroCement
• If the floor is made in large panels, NeoBeton gives the appearance of a continuous mosaic
• Suitable for high traffic
• High mechanical resistance
• UV resistant
• Infinite design possibilities.;

Color Chart

NeoBeton can be manufactured in 20 standard and 14 special colours - as illustrated in our palette below.
In addition, bespoke colours can be created on request.
(Please note that the palette is for guidance only and does not accurately represent exact shade and tone).

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