Piedrex (stone clad facing), is a decorative lining for ground covering, comprised of small stones. It is 8–15 mm thick and one of its greatest differentials is its draining quality.

It is for residential and commercial use and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
Piedrex offers flexibility in design, allowing you to create your very own floor covering by varying the combination of stones and colors to use. It can also be combined with strips of aluminum or stainless steel.

With Piedrex, you get unique and original results!

• It is applicable on all types of bases.
• Areas of application can include rooftops, terraces, footpaths, patios, galleries, garages and shops.
• Can be applied to cement coverings, solid ground, roof tiles, or roof membrane.;

Color Chart

The selection of the colours of this chart is referential. Real colours can change with respect to the ones shown.
We strongly advise visiting our showroom and see the Real Colour Samples.
Wide range of colours available: 20 Standard + 14 Special ones.
Other special colours can be developed on request.

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