Resifan is a self-levelling and continuous coloured resin 2–3mm thick. It is ideal for environments where continuity, a smooth finish and low maintenance are essential.
Due to its application, continuous floors can be achieved over huge areas and are highly resistant to wear.
Resifan does not streak: it’s an ideal product for those who want a rich, solid colour finish, achieving a sophisticated and minimalist edge. Its appearance is similar to that of a vinyl floor.
It does not require gaskets and is applicable on all types of hard surfaces – even existing ones.

• The polyurethane base floors are ideal for the food industry due to its resistance to chemical products.
• The epoxy floors are very good for light and medium traffic industries where hard floors are required
• Polyester floors are excellent for making highly resistant decorative flooring, where colour stability is paramount
• Resifan polyurethane paint is perfect for garage areas or parking lots, both for floors and walls.
• Ideal for laboratories, clinics, or doctor’s offices, ideal for anti-bacterial and hygienic flooring.
• Can be applied on worktops, scratch resistant
• Resifan epoxy and polyurethane paint can be applied to floors and walls
• Suitable for residential flooring and horizontal surfaces in general.

• Resifan allows for continuous floor surfaces over huge areas
• Suitable for homes as well as industry and commerce
• Can be applied over existing linings
• Allows one to make solid and smooth finish furniture like plastic products
• Fast application and traffic release
• Highly resistant floors against wear are achieved
• Does not require gaskets
• Clean, easy and low maintenance
• Solvent-free (Resifan polyurethane and epoxy)
• Odour-free (Resifan polyurethane and epoxy)
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Excellent adhesion
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals: diluted mineral and organic acids, alkalis and solvents
• Excellent levelling properties
• Great surface hardness
• Colour combinations can be created.;

Color Chart

Resifan can be manufactured in 20 standard and 14 special colours - as illustrated in our palette below.
In addition, bespoke colours can be created on request.
(Please note that the palette is for guidance only and does not accurately represent exact shade and tone).
* RAL Colour Chart available

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