• Architecture CATEGORY
  • 4M Architecture and Construction Design & Build
  • 2.6 ha. SIZE
  • Prishtina Business Centre, Kosovo LOCATION

ENK Complex

Initiated in August 2006, the ENK Complex is a landmark urban development for the city centre of Prishtina - the capital of the newly formed state of Kosovo.

4M Group are working in conjunction with a local architecture company called Anarch, to create a scheme that is without precedent in the region.

The ENK Complex will be an integrated multi-use development, providing the city centre with high-end office facilities, luxury residential accommodation, lavish retail arcades and a five star hotel.

These services of international standard will be integrated with an extensive fully pedestrianized public area of multi-leveled picnic ground, which will be easily accessible via ramps, scenic passageways and elevators, while discreet, but extensive parking facilities will be located below ground level.

With the significant increase in the population of Prishtina it is of pressing concern that the redevelopment taking place ensures the best use of land is being implemented - both in terms of sustainability, urban development needs and regional development interests.

ENK Complex deals with all of these issues through the use of cutting edge technologies, sustainable energy solutions, and exciting contemporary design that will, eventually, lift the overall profile of the city to include a global audience.

The magnitude of the ENK development in Prishtina, aims to create a catalytic example for both the local and international community, and will inevitably provide a yardstick against which any future developments will be compared.

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