• Projects CATEGORY
  • Happimaa and 4M Design & Build
  • 300 sq.ft. SIZE
  • Boxpark, London LOCATION

Marimekko - Box Park

In the perfect compromise between the simple and the sophisticated - this humble yet effective execution of the mish-mash shelving, and edgy train track styled lighting, is an artistic accomplishment all by itself. However, in this design, it works as a complement the pronounced pastels, and dexterous designs of the clients products, whilst not distracting from them.

Marimekko, a leading Finnish brand, renowned for polychromic flair for textiles and fabrics, was one of the chosen brands to be a part of the Boxpark initiative, for which the concept was simple - turn unused and bare shipping containers into novel clothing stores, cafes, and galleries.

For this project, Marimekko enlisted the help of 4M Group, to compose an originative design that moulded to the high-profile and fashion status that Boxpark aspires to provide.

Through close collaboration with Marimekko, 4M fitted out entirely from the inside, and took three weeks to actualize the design from the blank 300 sq. ft. container into a petite, albeit feisty, workable art piece.

In contradiction to it monotonous façade, the interior design pays homage to Marimekko’s quirky individuality. It achieves this by utilizing bespoke products, created by our joinery team 4M Works, for all of its interior design elements that included the lighting, shelving and mechanical work.

The colour palette of the interior, from the cladding to the shelving was kept deliberately neutral, which provided the perfect background canvas for such an assignment.

When all put together the end result is a seamless and elegant structure. Marimekko - Boxpark both adheres to the contemporary, and binds together as a part of a new trend center, bringing creative expression back to the streets of the capital, in a unique sophistication that calls out to the urban-footpath passersby.

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