Our QA

What is MicroCement?

MicroCement is a coloured cementitious coating of 1-2 mm thick. It may be installed over existing surfaces such as concrete, ceramics, marble, mosaics, tiles, steel, plaster, gypsum and wood. MicroCement is one of our most versatile refurbshing systems which can be used vertically and horizontally in continuity. It can also be used on stairs, countertops, furniture, and others. In a short period of time, you can redesign a place without dealing with the disorder, dirt and costs of traditional building .

What is MicroBeton?

MicroBeton is a concrete colored micro topping of 2-3 mm. thick, designed to be used in multiple thin coat applications, with a concrete finish appearance. It is mainly recommended for refurbishing commercial and exterior substrates. No joints required as MicroBeton components allow flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates, therefore continuous surfaces can be achieved. MicroBeton can be used also on interior floors with underfloor heating systems.